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A new modular perspective / How to create a bigger impact with more convenience at a lower cost...
Turn circles


A tailored branding strategy to fit your brands mission and resources.


3D/ graphic/ motion -design & visualisation


Project management, assembly & disassembly, logistics and on-site support.


Smart reusability and inventory management.
1. Plan

Together we stand strong

Planning is everything.

After a 360°-analysis of your corporate identity, current goals and specific needs, a strategy in tune with your budget is developed.

We always strive to combine single projects into one smart campaign strategy, so you can enjoy all modular benefits in terms of efficiency, re-usability and cost reduction the Frameworks ® system has to offer.

2. Design

Making ideas work!

At this stage, we'll insert your corporate identity, brand book and campaign communication into the Frameworks ® system. Our designers focus on impact, functionality and re-usability.

We'll provide graphic & motion design and support. Realistic 3D visualisations will allow you to watch your project evolve every step of the way.

When working with Frameworks ®, we can be sure that all our events meet BMW’s high-quality standards and nothing is left to chance. It’s a team of perfectionists and this can be seen in every detail.
Geert Winters, Marketing coordinator, BMW

Ready for the next level?

Contact us and find out how Frameworks ® could work for you.
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3. Launch

Leave stress behind

Step 1: In-house production
Our in-house production process ensures the highest quality.
When your graphics need to be prepared for XL-printing, we handle your high-resolution files and guarantee the sharpest printing results.
Step 2: Assembling, Logistics & On-site support
We have a great crew, a modern warehouse and an efficient fleet. This allows us to meet every deadline without compromise.
Wheter you have a pop-up, trade show, showroom, event, interior, exhibition... During your event, you can reach us 24/7.
Step 3: Storage and Re-use
All modular components of the Frameworks ® system can be reused. So your brand's communication lasts longer and can be used more frequently.
Your impact will get bigger while your carbon footprint remains very small. In between events, your personalised branding materials are safely stored in our warehouse.
Step 4: Evaluation
Based on your continuous feedback, we'll implement improvements after every event.
This avoids recurrent issues and boosts quality over a very short period of time.
4. Re-use

Modular event branding expert

Using the Frameworks ® system brings a lot of advantages to branding your events.

Because of its modular and innovative frame-system, you can quickly adapt to all kinds of event locations. With the Frameworks ® system you are moving spaces from event to event while maintaining its first quality.

Secondly, when you are looking for something new, you can keep the body and change the skin. In our warehouse, you will create your storage of images to reuse in multiple and different event types. A house-show, tradeshows, pop-ups, other events, interiors… you can use it for every occasion.

Together we’ll see how re-usable we can design your project, to give you the highest return on your event.