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Shimano made the change to the Frameworks system for the stands at Vélofollies and Bike Motion.

The client

Shimano is a Japanese metal processing company specialized in the production of fishing equipment, ski equipment and bicycle parts.

The exhibition

Velofollies has become the biggest and most varied bicycle fair in the Benelux. All major brands are present and proudly showing the best of their full cycling range.

The location

Kortrijk Xpo is the location for fairs, conferences, parties, meetings, events, seminars, ... Just a 30-minute drive from Ghent, Bruges, Lille, makes it an ideal location.

During the year they have lots of significant fairs. Matexpo, Vélofollies, Indumation and Biennale Interieur are some examples of their exhibitions.

Velofollies 2019

velofollies-2019-kortrijk-xpo-shimano-beursstand-4 velofollies-2019-kortrijk-xpo-shimano-beursstand-13 velofollies-2019-kortrijk-xpo-shimano-beursstand-14 velofollies-2019-kortrijk-xpo-shimano-beursstand-12 velofollies-2019-kortrijk-xpo-shimano-beursstand-11 velofollies-2019-kortrijk-xpo-shimano-beursstand-6 velofollies-2019-kortrijk-xpo-shimano-beursstand-10 velofollies-2019-kortrijk-xpo-shimano-beursstand-5 velofollies-2019-kortrijk-xpo-shimano-beursstand-7 velofollies-2019-kortrijk-xpo-shimano-beursstand-8 velofollies-2019-kortrijk-xpo-shimano-beursstand-2 velofollies-2019-kortrijk-xpo-shimano-beursstand-15 velofollies-2019-kortrijk-xpo-shimano-beursstand-9 velofollies-2019-kortrijk-xpo-shimano-beursstand velofollies-2019-kortrijk-xpo-shimano-beursstand-3

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