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Shimano | showroom

Custom made modular showroom

The client

Shimano is a Japanese metal processing company specialized in the production of fishing equipment, ski equipment and bicycle parts.

The process

Shimano contacted us to redesign their showroom. They would like to create a combi of an experience center and a showroom to invite their customers. After a visit we made a 3D design. The showroom was converted into an experience center in 2 days.

The showroom

By opting for a modular showroom, Shimano chooses for flexibility and durability. The mix of led walls, video walls, prints,... creates the 360° experience to enthousiasm the visitors.

Showroom Shimano Gravel 2 Showroom Shimano MTB 2 Shimano Showroom Dura-Ace Ultegra Shimano Showroom Ultegra Lightbox Shimano Showroom Dura-Ace Ultegra Shimano Showroom Dura-Ace Ultegra Showroom 01 Ledwall Slatwall Shimano Shimano Showroom Gravelklein Shima Road Video Wall Vierkantklein Shimano Showroom Mtbklein Shimano Showroom Mtb Cornerklein Showroom Shimano Printed Wall Slatwalls Hoek Receptie Gravel Corner Lightbox Shimano Showroom Shimano Lazer Wallklein Shimano Showroom Road Cornerklein Shimano Showroom Road Gravelklein Shimano Showroom Videowall Lightboxklein Shimano Showroom Accessoiresklein Shimano Showroom Videowallklein Showroom Shimano Recovery Panelklein Shimano Showroom Mtb Video Wallklein Shimano Showroom Mtb Cornerklein

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