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Hospital Maas en Kempen

In the hospital Maas en Kempen, we installed modular partition walls to increase the capacity of the emergency department.

Step 1 - situation

Maas & Kempen provides us a situation sketch of the concerning rooms.

situatieplan Maas en Kempen

Step 2 - 3D design

We create a 3D design and an offer

Uitvoeringsplan ziekenhuis maas en kempen-1

Step 3 - assembly

We ensure a fast and dust-free installation

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"We are very satisfied! The modular system can be used flexibly. We have already used the walls in three different places!"
Rik Diris
Head of technical service

Ambuwall - modular partition walls

Compact modular wall: 10 meters long x 2m50 high (or 12m long x 2m high)

Be prepared with this quickly deployable emergency set!

All benefits at a glance

  • Security: always own a mobile partition wall
  • Modular: always adaptable and expandable
  • Various set-up options
  • Free-standing system, no anchoring in the existing structure necessary
  • Hygienic to clean
  • Dust-free and fast assembly and disassembly
  • Convenient transport and storage thanks to a stable cart

The emergency package consists of 10 frames (99.2 cm x 248 cm). This gives you freedom and flexibility in terms of set-up options! The walls can be installed quickly and easily. This way you can always work dust-free. Moreover, everything is neatly stacked on a handy and stable cart. After temporarily placing the walls, the cart can be neatly stored for the next placement.

Ambuwall Mobiele Scheidingswande