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Opbouw Shimano doek

Here's how we get started

Our approach includes the best of both worlds: creating both modular stands and customized solutions. From the first steps to the final details, we take on complete project management. In doing so, we put our clients' wishes and budget first, so that we design and build a booth that perfectly matches their vision and needs. With a flexible attitude, we ensure that each project becomes a unique and memorable experience.

Image by Headway

01 Introduction

Our process starts with a personal meeting where we discuss your needs and wishes. Whether in person or online, we listen to your vision and translate it to our design team.

Trek Stand visualisatie

02 Design & visualisation

Our designer creates a unique stand design that reflects your brand and goals. We take technical aspects into account and continue to work closely with you for your satisfaction.

Image by Sven Mieke

03 Preperation

Once all requirements are aligned, we start preparing. We take almost everything into our own hands, from our workhouse to print workshop. We also assist you, or even take responsibility, in requesting technical specifications, lifting points, carpets and other requirements from the trade fair organisers.

Trek opbouw

04 transport & assembly

During construction, you will be amazed at how quickly the stand becomes a reality. With our experienced team, we carefully build the stand. From then on, our crew chief takes charge and runs through the stand with you. Any adjustments can then still be made to ensure everything is to your liking.

Trek Velofollies 1

05 Realisation

The time has finally come: the stand has been built and the fair has begun. Should an unexpected technical problem arise, we will always have a team member on standby or on site. You can go into the fair with peace of mind, knowing that we are immediately available to solve any problems quickly and efficiently. No need to worry - we are here to fully support you during your trade show experience.


06 Evaluation & storage

After the fair, the stand is dismantled and an evaluation follows. When storing materials and items, we take into account their preservation for a possible next trade fair. Sustainability and cost-consciousness are central to our approach, allowing us to reuse materials efficiently and make the most of your investment.

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